Education and Inspiration: Our Interview with Dr. Steven Abrams, Distinguished Intersect 2017 Speaker

Steve Abrams, Intersect SpeakerOur goal for Intersect 2017 is to make this conference one of the most valuable experiences of your life and career. We want to support every attendee’s commitment to lifelong learning and the pursuit of rewarding employment to the full measure of our abilities.

To that end, we’ve focused very closely on selecting speakers that we know will deliver genuine value and inspiration. We want every guest to be moved, lifted, and motivated by the words and ideas on offer.

This is why we are so excited to have Dr. Steve Abrams as one of our speakers!

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Self-Driving Car Students In Jobs: Caleb Kirksey

Udacity students in Jobs

Our Intersect 2017 conference is but a few weeks away now, and as we draw closer to the big event, we continue to think through the implications of the theme we’ve chosen: Learning for the Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond. As detailed in a previous post, we’ve found ourselves thinking quite a bit about our Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program students in particular, as in many ways their paths seem emblematic of what this theme is all about, especially the “jobs of tomorrow” part.

As it turns out, however, Self-Driving Cars as an employment field is very much a “jobs of today” space, as evidenced by how many of our current students are already finding jobs! We’re honored to highlight a number of these stories and share them with you, and today we feature Caleb Kirksey.

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Making The Future Possible: Dr. Ashwin Ram, Distinguished Intersect 2017 Speaker

Ashwin Ram, Udacity, Intersect 2017A passion for learning has informed the life and career of Dr. Ashwin Ram for nearly 30 years. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation at Yale on “Question-Driven Understanding.” He has co-authored books on “Goal-Driven Learning” and “Computational Models of Reading.” He has founded startups focused on social learning and artificial intelligence. He is currently Senior Manager of AI Science for Alexa, the intelligent agent that powers Amazon Echo and other devices. He leads the Alexa Prize, a $2.5M student competition to advance Conversational AI.

Is it any wonder we’re ecstatic to have him as a speaker for Intersect 2017?

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Self-Driving Car Students In Jobs: Robert Ioffe

Udacity, Self-Driving Car Jobs, Robert Ioffe

When we chose Learning for the Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond as our Intersect 2017 conference theme, we were thinking about the journey from learning to a job at a fairly high level, as we wanted to embrace something that would resonate through every aspect of the conference.

Once the planning stages were largely behind us, we were able to really start looking at the meaning of this theme at eye-level, and thinking about what it means to each individual student.

We found ourselves in particular thinking about our Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program students, as in many ways they are preparing themselves for an industry that is still in the imagination stages! Self-driving cars are coming. We know this, as do our students. But the roles they’re now preparing for truly are the jobs of tomorrow.

Or are they?

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Udacity Welcomes Dr. Rana el Kaliouby as a Distinguished Intersect 2017 Speaker

To say we at Udacity are huge fans of Affectiva CEO Dr. Rana el Kaliouby is a serious understatement, so it was with great delight we discovered she feels the same way about us! In advance of her appearance at our Intersect 2017 conference, I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. el Kaliouby. We discussed her motivations for participating in the conference, Affectiva’s mission to bring emotional intelligence to the digital world, new career opportunities in AI, and more.

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Getting Hired

Udacity, Getting Hired

I got hired. Three magical words. It sounds so simple, but the process itself often feels like a fragile house of cards, capable of collapse after one wrong move. That said, understanding the hiring process as a process is definitely the right way to approach things. There are steps you need to take, and one success leads to the next, until finally, the BIG success. The three words. I got hired.

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Grit, Yes, But What About Curiosity?

Udacity, Curiosity

Grit. The word seems to be everywhere, and every hiring manager and recruiter seems to be on the lookout for candidates who possess it. But don’t be suspicious of it as a trend—grit is real, and it’s an important trait to nurture within yourself.

But is it everything?

The Biggest Skill You Need

We are in an age when all job-seekers must understand personal branding, and everyone must be a lifelong learner to succeed. What then, do we make of advice like this?

“The biggest skill you need to have these days is curiosity.”

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