Calling All International Data Science Enthusiasts: Win $10,000 and a Spot at the IJCAI2017 Conference!

Win $10,000

Udacity is very excited to announce a new competition, and a new partnership!

We are proud to be the exclusive education partner—with e-commerce giant Alibaba—for a new challenge hosted by Alibaba and IJCAI2017, a top conference in AI space, and the main international gathering of researchers in the field.

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Continuous Integration and Deployment with Buddybuild

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Today we’re excited to announce a new iOS course called Continuous Integration and Deployment. This course, developed with our collaborators at buddybuild, is designed to teach iOS developers how to set up continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) for their apps. By utilizing buddybuild’s awesome platform, developers can easily deploy their apps, gather feedback, and make improvements without getting bogged down in a laborious iteration cycle.

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The Audacity of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dreams for Education

Stevie Wonder Happy BirthdayThe idea for a national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was first proposed in 1968. It eventually entered the US House of Representatives as a bill—endorsed by Jimmy Carter—in 1979. It failed.

Through the efforts of activists like Stevie Wonder—who spearheaded a movement on behalf of the bill with his 1981 song “Happy Birthday”— as well as the unflagging support of union workers, and the signatures of passionate citizens across the country who signed petitions in its favor, the bill’s dream stayed alive. In 1983 (after first opposing it), Ronald Reagan signed the bill into law.

Why did Stevie Wonder feel so strongly in 1981 that it was finally time to recognize Dr. King in this way? It’s worth noting his reasons—he felt there to be a “disturbing drift in the country towards war, bigotry, poverty and hatred.”

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Exploring the Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond at Udacity’s Intersect 2017 Conference

Udacity Intersect 2017
© Mark Richards. Courtesy of the Computer History Museum

On March 8th, 2017, a remarkable group of influential and innovative leaders will join representatives from some of the world’s top employers to discuss the jobs of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

They’ll address new and existing skills, and their relative demand today and in the future. They’ll discuss viable and changing learning paths, and offer projections on the most effective ways to prepare for entry into burgeoning new fields.

This special event is Udacity Intersect 2017, a day-long global conference held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. It is open to the public, and will offer exclusive opportunities for engagement, connection, and interaction.

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Udacity 2016: The Year in Review

Udacity Year in Review

2016 will stand as a year rich with student success, and one populated with an ongoing abundance of new offerings built to encourage, support, and enable that success. Let’s look back now and recall some of these amazing student success stories, and the work that went into helping make them possible.

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A Wall Of Student Success

Udacity Student Success

It is Winter Solstice morning. I am on my bike, headed to the cafe. The air is cold, but clear, and the sun is bright.

I am seated, my laptop on my lap. I have no idea what to write. I need to write. It’s been a long year. The previous 3 months have seen our company on a frenetic pace—launch, announcement, launch. Am I out of stories?

I type “success” into my browser. My browser knows what to do. It loads the page for me. This is what I see first:

“This experience has absolutely changed my life—I wouldn’t have a job right now otherwise.” —OSCAR ESTRADA

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